Tobacco-Free Policy

Effective Date: May 17, 2010
Dated: May 17, 2010
Signature: Bob Collin
Position: Acting President


Run Dufferin recognizes that there is ample research demonstrating the health hazards of the use of
tobacco products, including smoking and the breathing of secondhand smoke. Running is a healthy sport
and as such we have a responsibility to the participants and the community to demonstrate healthy
choices. Run Dufferin has therefore developed this policy in the best interest of the health & safety of the
participants and the general public.

All programs, races, training sessions, and events sanctioned by our organization will be tobacco-free.
Tobacco free means no smoking, snuffing, dipping, or chewing tobacco by athletes, participants, coaches,
board members, or spectators within 9 metres (30 ft.) of any Run Dufferin program/event.

We will promote the tobacco-free policy at all of our programs/events by:
  • Having coaches explain the policy to members and provide participants with a letter to review and
    share with others who may come to their programs/events.
  • Including the policy in the membership package provided to members every year so all new and
    returning members know about the policy from the start.  
  • Making the policy visible throughout the year using various messages, including on the website,
    flyers to promote events/membership, banners/signs at events, and encouraging participants to
    promote an active, healthy, tobacco-free lifestyle.

We will reinforce the tobacco-free policy at all of our programs/events by:
  • Encouraging all members, participants, and spectators to respectfully remind someone using tobacco
    about the tobacco-free policy.  
  • Consistently applying consequences with people who repeatedly break the policy. Repeated violations
    by members, family/friends, or spectators would result in a verbal or written warning from the Run
    Dufferin Board.
  • Following a written warning the individual violating the policy again would be banned from all Run
    Dufferin programs/events.
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